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  • CoolinfoUSB for Business Branding

    26 February at 09:57 from atlas

    Click the link below to check out the USB flash drive models for business branding:


    We should have had this on long time ago - better late than never!  We have a list of promotional types of USB flash drives that are available now for choice.  You can have them customized with your own logos and designs printed exclusively for you.  The capacity options are from 4GB to 32GB.  Keep in mind that you do want your promotional USB sticks to be frequently used by your prospect customers as your goods and services get seen every time the memory stick is used.  Therefore you want to choose a capacity (gigabytes) large enough for users to want to keep and use them for their own purposes of data storage as well.  That way your marketing media is not junk, and will keep working for you anytime & all the time!

    It is our mission to ensure our products come to you with ZERO known defects.  As always, we will also perform a 100% inspection on these promotional USB sticks for their appearance and functionality locally in our workshop in Brisbane, prior to dispatching them to you.  These is our standard quality assurance and will help ensure the products you receive are all working, free from defects and are all of real capacity.